Brigit  Bright Lady of Fire

15" Wall Hanging

Brigit, the Irish goddess of fire and the hearth, patroness of craftspersons, poets, and healers. Accompanied by a ewe, whose milk at Brigid's festival of Imbolg signals the coming of spring and new growth. She stands beside an anvil, hammer in hand, signifying her force for creativity. The serpents on her arms signify healing and fertility. Upon her girdle is the Brigit's Cross, a solar symbol.
Wall sculpture, 13" tall x 8" wide x 2.5" deep, cast in PermaStone and hand-finished by the artist.


Lugh      The Shining One

18" Wall Hanging

Lugh, the Irish epitome of the ideal king, with his great spear which is an embodiment of the lightning, leads the Irish gods, the Tuatha De Danann, in defeating the forces of blight and drought, thereby saving the fruits of the harvest for his people and ensuring their survival.

Known to the Gauls as Lugus and to the Welsh as Lleu, Lugh was a great magician, craftsman, warrior, and artisan of the gods. Like the Norse Odin he was depicted in Continental descriptions as accompanied by ravens, who brought him messages and news from throughout the land. He is depicted with his great sword Fragarach, or 'Answerer', which could not be defeated in battle. His festival is Lugnasad, celebrated in Ireland on or around August 1, marking the beginning of the harvest. It is Lug who is said to bring the soothing rains of the late summer storms to the hottest part of the year, preventing drought and
ensuring a fruitful harvest. 
Wall sculpture, 18" tall x 9.5" wide x 2.5" deep, cast in PermaStone and hand-finished by the artist.